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Sustainability Policy

City Avenue Hotel strives to be a sustainable organization, sustaining the natural environment on which our business operations depend, and considering the long-term environmental and social impacts of all the projects and operations for which we are responsible. 

To achieve this vision, City Avenue Hotel will implement a sustainability strategy to demonstrate a positive economic, environmental and social impact from all our activities. City Avenue Hotel’s leadership is committed to continually improving its sustainability performance. 

City Avenue Hotel will comply with all sustainability-related legislation, regulation, and other requirements. City Avenue Hotel will measure and report its sustainability performance against nationally, and where relevant, internationally, sustainability standards. City Avenue Hotel will manage its operations according to the Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) system requirements, and specifically, address the following issues:

1) Compliance, Staffing & Training

1.1 Report environment performance through the DST Carbon Calculator on a regular frequency, preferably monthly

1.2 Comply with all Dubai Sustainable Tourism and Dubai Supreme Council of Energy regulations, guidelines, and directives.

1.3 Certify staff by Dubai Tourism and establish a committee to manage sustainability initiatives

1.4 Train employees and educate guests on sustainability initiatives.

1.5 Produce events, conferences, and business meetings that minimize waste and conserve energy and water.

2) Energy

2.1 Implement a systematic energy efficiency plan and continually improve energy efficiency performance.

2.2 Control energy use with building management systems to optimize energy use.

2.3 Strive to use energy-efficient transportation for the movement of guests and employees.

3) Water

3.1 Implement a systematic water conservation plan and continually improve water consumption performance.

3.2 Strive to reduce water consumption by reusing guest towels and linens

4) Waste

4.1 Implement a systematic waste management plant to minimize disposal to landfill and food waste, encourage recycling, and encourage reuse of materials.

4.2 Strive to reduce waste from guest toiletries.

5) Air Quality

5.1 Improve indoor air quality by making 75% of guest rooms are non-smoking.

6) Purchasing

6.1 Implement a purchasing management plan which gives preference to sustainable, local, fair-trade, and environment-friendly goods and services

6.2 Only purchase food products free from endangered or protected fish, seafood, or other species.

7) Local Community

7.1 Support social and community development and environmental conservation initiatives.